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Sep 29, 2012 5:35pm EDT
. bush. >> and rubio. jeb bush would be the intellectual leader. but not running himself and maybe try to steer rubio who is not in that camp, a little further in his direction. i can imagine that scenario. >> far be it from me to predict what the republicans are going to do. i thought there is going to pass immigration reform in the mid 2000's. i think jeb bush is positioning himself. he went to tampa and said, we are acting stupid on immigration. he and clint bullock are writing a book on immigration reform. he is positioning himself to be the guy who is conservative, catholic, married to a mexican- american, has a great education track record. he will be well-positioned -- if we will modernize was somebody that we feel safe with, he could be the guy. >> one last word on the millennial, since we had that question. according to the data, it does share is boama's operational us by 18-29-year- old. it is creeping up. he did land a 66-32 in 2008. he is not there yet. pew had hiim at a 30-point margin. when he is -- he may end up with an outsize margin among millennials, but not as big as
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1